Sprite target market identification

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Sprite target market identification

Promotion Information to Customer Before discussing about these Ps, one must note that all the Ps is interrelated. A decision to make change in one of them affects the rest. Suppose the company wants to launch low- priced product, the promotion has to follow suit and the same channels where premium products are sold cannot be used to provide access to this segment of customers.

Consumer relevance

Second, each element of marketing mix contains countless variables. Third, the 4Ps of marketing have been the key areas where marketing managers allocate scarce corporate resources to achieve the business objectives. Fourth, to show the differences between services and physical products, Booms and Bitner suggested the extension of the 4Ps framework to include three additional factors: People, Physical evidence and Process.

Services have unique characteristics: Fifth, we are considered of the view that whether it is products marketing or services marketing, marketing mix must include all the 7Ps. Finally, the marketing mix will vary from industry to industry and organisation to organisation because of different offerings.

Now we shall discuss them one by one. The Product 1st P: Before we get into finer details about the product, it would be better to know what a product is. In its widest sense every offering that is being marketed can be called a product.

Thus, not only a fridge, but fixed deposit facilities provided by a bank, lunch at a restaurant, polio vaccination campaign of UP Government, and promoting Jaisalmer during winters are all products. A product may be either tangible like this bookor intangible telecom services.

A product is a bundle of benefits which may be functional car for transportationsocial status to own a carand psychological a security that I can always move due to car. A product offering has three independent elements Kotler et al call it as 5 product levels.

Sprite target market identification

The first level is the core product — consisting of core benefit a fundamental benefit — a tyre for a car. The second level comprises of supplemental features Kotler calls them as expected and augmented product levels.

For a midway restaurant between Delhi and Jaipur, one expects clean wash rooms. Supplemental features add value to the core benefit in the form of TV, different kind of foods, free drinking water, bar, shopping arcade, lawns, fountains, etc.

For a tyre, supplemental products mean installation, delivery, training, financing, replacement, etc. Products can be consumer products and business products. Consumer goods can be classified as fast moving soap, shampoo, etc.

Business products may be classified into installations large machines ; accessory equipment calculators ; raw materials corn flour for soup powder making ; component parts mouse for a personal computer ; process material cardamom for sweetsMaintenance, Repairs, and operating items detergents for cleaning factory floors ; and Business services Speed Post.

A single product is known as a product item. Closely related product items are referred as product line. Cinthol soap is a product item of the Soaps product line of Godrej Consumer Products Limited, as the product line Group of closely related products includes Godrej No.

A product mix is a total of all groups of products. The number of product lines refers to width of product mix; and number of product items offered in each product line is called as depth of product mix. Like a human being, a product also has a finite life cycle. Though, some products like Coca Cola continue for a long time through improvements.

Every product has four major stages: Introduction, growth, maturity and decline.To address this critical gap in the literature, we conducted a market basket study of soft drinks that listed caramel color as an ingredient to estimate exposure to 4-MEI resulting from soft drink consumption, and estimated cancer risk and/or burden associated with exposure.

Over the years consumer taste, preference and lifestyles have changed, and with that so has Coca‑Cola, innovating to include a range of lower sugar and no calorie alternatives, each with their own identity. Sprite Marketing Mix Sprites target market is male and females between the age of + who like sugary drinks.


The Target Market The products name is Sprite. Read this article to get information on Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion (4Ps)! To market the products (in broadest sense) every company needs to create a successful mix of right product at right price at the right place through right promotion.

Sprite® is the world's leading lemon-lime flavored sparkling beverage and the #2 Global brand for TCCC worldwide. With a strong appeal among young adults, millions enjoy its crisp, clean taste.

A Cautionary Tale.

Sprite target market identification

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