Scribble writing alarm clock

Many of you commented on the fact of what we take for granted, and I can only agree with it. The next will be low-vision, then we can follow a deaf man through his day.

Scribble writing alarm clock

Roger was, in fact, the deliveryman. Monica was so distraught she completely forgot about him. She grabbed her coat and put it on, and opened the door. Roger stood there with a perplexed expression.

There has to be something, Monica thought again. Her phone rang, and being the dutiful secretary she was, answered it. Would you be so kind as to bring coffee down to the conference room? She threw her coat off again and tried to decide what to do.

scribble writing alarm clock

Monica looked at the coffee maker. Monica scooped the grounds, poured some water in, and with the switch of a button, the familiar gurgling sound told Monica the coffee was underway.

Now it was time. There were no viable options. Monica would have to celebrate Nude Secretaries Day as the day was intended. She opened a scribble writing alarm clock in her desk. It was mostly empty, so there would be enough room to stash her clothes there.

Monica took out eight coffee cups from her cabinet and lined them up on a plastic tray. The coffee would be done in just a few minutes, and she would be expected to serve it. She leaned against her office door again and stared at the day calendar resting on her desk, flipped to February 7.

Monica stared a the calendar, the calendar stared back at her. Monica stood motionless for several minutes, contemplating what she was about to do.

The other employees gave a soft applause. Albert frowned, and checked his watch. All heads turned towards her. It had taken her some nerve to remove every last piece of clothing from her body, but Monica did it.

She was still wearing her heels; she assumed she would at least be allowed to keep those on, and she still had on her glasses, earrings, and a hair clip. But between her neck and her ankles, Monica was as naked as a Victorian lady in a Renaissance painting.

Monica made her way around the table, placing a cup in front of each one of them. Albert kept his hand pressed firmly on her thigh. Everyone in the room was in trance as they sipped their coffee.

He kissed her lightly on her hip. Monica felt a light tingle between he legs as she walked out of the room. The other men looked at Albert in congratulatory, albeit envious expressions. It was strange, being in the seat she was so familiar with as a secretary, but now completely nude.

She began taking phone calls and typing memos as she always did, and for the next few hours, the day seemed almost normal.

scribble writing alarm clock

Sometimes it was a wolf whistle, sometimes an off-color comment, but the men in the office definitely let Monica know they appreciated her attire, or lack of, for the day.

On her way back to her office, Monica passed Shari in the hall, who took a glance at her as well. Monica went back to her office and continued with her work.I found fascination when writing a blog on Charles Manson that I playfully entitled: Helter Skelter: The Charles Manson Mixtape On Racism.

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