Money for morality by mary arguelles

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August 9,This is Kent The Christian church's record on teaching sexual morality is patchy. While Jesus taught the indissolubility and exclusivity of marriage, quite early in Christian history some Church leaders began to show a distaste for sexual intercourse which has had damaging results.

They taught that celibacy was a higher way of life than marriage, and that sexual intercourse should be undertaken solely and exclusively for the procreation of children. They excluded the possibility that sexual union might be undertaken simply as an expression of affection and intimacy. While few people today would argue that celibacy is superior to marriage, but there is still some disagreement over the place of sexual intercourse.


Nearly all Christian denominations teach that sexual union within marriage has a wider function that the production of children, but the official teaching of the Roman Catholic church adds that nothing artificial must be done to prevent conception. Anything beyond planning a family by "natural" means - such as avoiding intercourse at times when the woman is most fertile - is sinful. Sitemap

Very few Roman Catholics in western countries feel bound by their church's teaching in this respect; and they use artificial contraceptives, but in the developing world the teaching has what many would see as a damaging effect.

An initiative recently begun by the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide family planning facilities for many millions of women who were previously denied them was intended to prevent unwanted pregnancies which often endanger the mother's health or produce another mouth which it will prove hard to feed.

But official Roman Catholic church strenuously resists initiatives of this kind, both on grounds of doctrine and by arguing that the money involved could be better spent in other ways. Many Christians take another view, saying that it has been conceded that sexual intercourse has a wider purpose than procreation it is hard to see why artificial contraception within marriage should be forbidden.

Jesus never mentioned homosexuality or abortion. Nor did he ever suggest that there was a "right" religion or that the purpose of religion was to judge others and get them to do what we want them to do.

Rather, he taught tolerance for the divinity in all. He railed against hypocrisy. He realized that the reason we condemn others is to distract ourselves from clearly seeing our own improprieties.

If we sincerely want to heal the woes of humanity, we cannot do it through hatred and intolerance.

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Our hope lies in our ability to move into acceptance of our own humanity and the humanity of others. Highly respected religious leaders, including two Nobel laureates, have opened the door to admit abortion in some circumstances. Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu supported the South African constitutional provision legalizing abortion.

Money for morality by mary arguelles

And the Dalai Lama, while generally opposed to abortion, said in a New York Times Sunday Magazine profile, "I think abortion should be approved or disapproved according to the circumstances. Our church thinks we should use scientific methods that assist in family planning.

Martin Luther King Jr. There is scarcely anything more tragic in human life than a child who is not wanted. Abraham had two sons and two daughters; Moses had two sons; Jesus none. The prophet Mohammed was survived by a daughter. The Prophet Muhammad "The worst problem is to possess plenty of children with inadequate means.

Ayatollah Ali Khomenei "When wisdom dictates that you do not need more children, a vasectomy is permissible. Or will they curse us for clinging to old fashioned habits that used up their heritage?

Money for morality by mary arguelles

Specific objections that have been raised include the Commission on Population and Development's recommendations that a reproductive health services should include new methods of emergency contraception, b abortion be made safe where it is legal, and c that young people have full access to sexual and reproductive health education and services.

Khaled Almaeena The population boom in Gulf countries in recent years is alarming. In order to meet the challenge to improve services for citizens, we must have balanced population growth. We have to ask ourselves: Do we want more children just for the numbers?

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Do we have the mental, physical and the material capability to raise them? Do we have time for all of them?Pretensions of morality are usually expressed in religiosity and narcissism. It is a form of therapeutic hypocrisy that hides their incompetence, insecurity and dishonesty.

They resort to allegories and metaphors and even use the name of God to satisfy their quest for power and wealth. LIST OF MEMBERS Members of the Historical Association of Southern Florida enjoy free admission to the new museum located at the Metro Dade Cultural Center, invitations to special events, subscriptions to Update, Currents, and our annual journal Tequesta, use of the Research Library and the Archives and discounts on purchases at the museum store.

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The book's title, The Family Silver, refers to women's ways, to the wealth women have and pass on to one another and try to keep from being stolen or melted down by men. There are many forms of women's wealth; family silver is one suggested by my own familial experiences and used here as a metaphor.

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