Find aritcles news showing filipino values still alive

Although respectful, it is not as remarkable as the original pagmamano. Via Wikimedia Commons Known as a horse-drawn carriage, calesas were introduced by the Spanish in the 18th century when they colonized the islands. Originally, only Spanish officials and the wealthy classes could use the calesa. During the American period, however, calesas readily became accessible to anyone.

Find aritcles news showing filipino values still alive

Rejection of Subic Bay Treaty September 25, Everyone concerned knows that there is no real sentiment in the Philippines to denounce the present agreement.

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However there is a larger question here: Do the Filipino people who have seen foreign soldiers on their soil every day of every year since deserve the opportunity to express themselves on the subject in a referendum uncluttered by the hysteria of "take or leave it" hype.

In the meantime Washington, Manila, the American defense Establishment and the Philippine Senate should stop the grandstanding. Carmencita Davino readily uses the word to describe her fellow Filipinos.

And Imelda is upset over press reports of her obscene palace collection of thousands of shoes, expensive gowns and extravagant gifts, which are now being shown to the Filipino people "while they are not being shown the prayer room which would prove how pious we were.

But when the flight from the Philippines landed on the West Coast for a layover, Baloloy placed a call. Aquino has won a significant victory in what seems to be a worldwide trend against despotism. The power, perseverance, and sincerity of the people of the Philippines is to be commended. It is a victory of the poor, the downtrodden and the oppressed.

But one point has been glossed over repeatedly. Those military officers who were the main architects behind the coup did what they did for highly opportunistic reasons. These were the same officers who served their leader faithfully for more than 20 years, implementing his policies of imprisonment, torture and martial law.

The old, and the new, defense minister, Juan Ponce Enrile, presided over much of the despotism of the Marcos regime, enriched himself unbelievably at the expense of the Filipino people, and only switched sides when his life was threatened directly by Marcos.

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Only in the narrow definition of the term. The government of Corazon Aquino was not toppled by force, at least, not yet! The recent moves by Gen. Ramos, however, might have the same effect as the threatened right-wing coup would have had.

It looks as if just-ousted defense minister was only serving as point man for the right-wing forces, whose purpose is to pull the Aquino-led coalition to the right i. Pleased With Peaceful Power Transfer February 25, United Press International Proclaiming that "reason and compassion have prevailed," the United States extended recognition today to the new Philippine government of Corazon Aquino and praised the Filipino people as the "true heroes" in the rapid events that ended the year rule of Ferdinand E.

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Marcos, Secretary of State George P. Marcos fled from his presidential palace to Clark Air Base, a U. Or political asylum to a crony? What a big farce! Just give the Marcoses especially Imelda a short time before they can buy themselves into the heart of the moneyed elite of Palm Beach, Beverly Hills or Palm Springs with the same money they spirited away for the "rainy days" from the U.

Pretty soon, Imelda could be hobnobbing with the selected few amidst the glitters and social swirls of the ritzies and the powers of White House or perhaps jetting in her own private jet, to the Santa Barbara hideaway for a tete-a-tete with you know who. OPINION The Election in the Philippines February 23, The valiant struggle of the Filipino people to assert their democratic rights in the face of the overwhelming power of the Marcos regime must now inspire corresponding action in those of us in the United States who believe in the ideals for which they are fighting.

If, despite murder, flagrant fraud, and threats to their present and future safety, the majority of the Filipinos have made full use of every democratic method available to them to vote for the government of their choice, then we must now take up the tools of democracy available to us: Unfortunately, a related article in the same issue, "Filipino Community in L.

Remains Deeply Split Over Marcos," presented a distorted view of the spectrum of opinions in the Filipino community, quoting only four individuals sympathetic to Marcos and one anti-Marcos leader from San Francisco. I would like to share an opinion held by many in our Filipino American community here in Los Angeles.Filipino Values Philippine Values is defined by the way of people live their life as an influence of one’s culture.

Philippines, having been an archipelago, has not become a hindrance towards having a single values system throughout the country. In whatever part of the country you may be, one will find the same hospitality that the Filipinos.

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Filipino People News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Filipino People From The latimes. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Views and Values on Family among Filipinos: An Empirical Exploration | The Filipino family provides an interesting study because familism is embedded in its social.

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Find aritcles news showing filipino values still alive

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